Sunday, January 31, 2016

Menu Plan ~ Week of January 31st

Here's what we're planning for meals this week at our house:

  • Friday ~  Pizza Night
  • Saturday ~ Italian Chicken Rolls and Pasta (carry over from last week)
What's on the menu at your house for the week? Head over to Menu Plan Monday to see what others have planned.


  1. The fry bread tacos are a really neat twist! My family adores tacos.

  2. Great menu! We have pizza nights on sundays and the boys like to take it for lunch the next day. I can't do cold pizza but they seem to love it! The hash brown casserole look goo too!

  3. We had pizza night last week and the week before, so I had to skip it this week. Instead, I'm trying a black bean burger recipe. Not exactly equivalent, but hoping it turns out well.

    Stopping in from OrgJunkie. Thanks for sharing your meal plan. Have a great week.