Monday, May 8, 2017

Empyrean Bedding ~ Luxurious Sheets at a Budget Friendly Price

Disclosure:  I received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.

This morning our bedroom windows were cracked open and a light rain was coming down outside.  I laid there on my new sheets from Empyrean Bedding and listened to that relaxing sound and it was so incredibly hard to get out of bed.  Even without the rain noise it has been tough leaving that comfort.  When you have a nice set of sheets it can make all the difference.

I received a set of Empyrean Bedding King Bed Sheets in grey charcoal recently and my husband and I are thrilled with them.  The timing wasn't the best as we had just bought new sheets from a big box store, but when we changed over to the new set we were amazed at the difference.  The Empyrean sheet set is so much softer.  They are super smooth to the touch.  What really amazed me though was the price for these sheets.  You can get the set I received on Amazon right now for only $27.99.  That is a steal for a set of sheets like this. The set includes a fitted sheet, top sheet and two king size pillowcases.

There are additional benefits of these sheets in addition to the softness and the price.  They are hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial,  mold and dustmite reisistant. The sheets are breathable to help keep you cool and dry which is perfect as we are heading into the summer months.  They are also wrinkle resistant to stay silky smooth and have corner straps so the fitted sheet remains secure in place.  I make my bed every day and nothing drives me crazier than having to redo the fitted sheet all the time so I'm seriously excited about this feature.  

Another noticeable difference between these and our previous sheets is that they just fit the bed better.  There's not too much excess length hanging over the side so they look nicer.  I had to note though that I usually like to wash sheets in warm water, but the care instructions for Empyrean Bedding call for them to be washed in cold water and tumble dry low to prevent shrinkage.  I like the grey charcoal color of these sheets and although the top sheet doesn't have any detail on the hem the pillow cases have a nice satin detail.

Empyrean Bedding derived their name from an ideal state or place which their company feels your bedroom should be.  If you're not satisfied with your bedding purchase they want to hear from you.

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