Family Travel Review ~ Omaha Children's Museum

We ended our weekend in Omaha by visiting the Omaha Children's Museum.  We have only been there once before and it was two years ago.  Everything seemed new to the kids and they had a great time.  For this visit we let them roam, explore and play. For the most part each of them did their own thing and it was fun to see them go their own way.

They both loved playing at the Little Market.


T. has never met a fire truck he doesn't like.

Little Miss loves a little water play.


Both kids were happy to do a little art work and get their hands dirty. I like that there was a spot to get cleaned up right there at the art center.

Little Miss was so excited about creating her "Fantastic Future Me".  I think that might have been her favorite activity there.  T. seriously had the best time with the hundreds of plastic bowls they had out in an area for stacking and building.  He found some buds to build with and they built tall towers until the towers wobbled and crashed to the floor.  I wish we would have gotten a picture of that.  We all enjoyed the Cobweb Castle special exhibit for the Halloween season.  The absoutely best part though was that we had two very tired kids for the ride home and Little Miss slept nearly the whole two hours home.

Head over to Omaha Children's Museum to learn more and plan your next visit.

Thanks to the Omaha Convention & Visitors Bureau for making this review possible!

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