Thursday, December 8, 2016

Give the Gift of a Healthy Smile with Jack and Jill

This is the year I discovered that kids can be hard to shop for.  My youngest child has hand-me-down clothes from his older brother and lots of toys from both older siblings.  It's tough to give people gift ideas for him because there is nothing he is really lacking.  I was excited to see these adorable gift kits from Jack N' Jill.  They are a super cute way to give a gift to a child who may not need anything else but can always use a healthy smile!

There are four different gift kits available right now.  You can choose between the Bunny, Dino, Hippo and Koala.  We received the Jack N' Jill Hippo Gift Set which contains everything your little one needs for brushing and a couple of cute extra things as well.  

Each kit contains a soft biodegradable toothbrush, Jack N' Jill natural toothpaste, a rinse/storage cup, a stage 2 silicone toothbrush and also a fun sleepover bag.  The bag is perfect for weekends at grandpa and grandma's house!

Visit Jack N' Jill to learn more and order your kit. I think these make a great gift because they fill a child's need of keeping their mouth healthy in a fun way and they're perfect for any child.

Thanks to Jack N' Jill for sharing these with our family!


  1. That is a cute gift set! I agree it is a perfect kit for a weekend at grandma's house.

  2. I think that this adorable set will really appeal to kids. I laugh now when I think of how much I used to try and avoid brushing my teeth when I was little. My mom tells me funny stories, like how I would try and hide my toothbrush in my clothing drawer!

  3. I love the packaging and who can resist the cute name of jack and jill.

  4. What great products! Very cute! I love the adorable characters!

  5. We've tried this brand before. It's great!

  6. This looks like a great subscription. I love Saving time and money, so it looks like a fine opportunity. Thanks for the information.