Thursday, December 22, 2016

Free Game App Download ~ Lost for Words

You can download the Lost for Words game app for Android for free right now on Amazon

Do you love Trivia? Boggle? Crosswords? Word searches? Play Lost for Words, the game that combines them all, for FREE! Upgrade to the max and go wild with all the data you could possibly need for free in this Amazon Underground edition!  In this COMPLETELY NEW kind of word puzzle, search for over 50,000 phrases in 1000s of popular topics – TV, Music, Books, Sports, and MORE!!  Do you know all 50 US states? How about all of Jane Austen’s novels? Or every NFL team? Or every song by The Beatles?  Chip used to know all of this, but he has been struck by lightning and forgotten everything! Help him to repair his scrambled memory files. Find batteries to use for hints and data disks to load more information into his memory banks. 

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