Friday, June 24, 2016

Review ~ Pro For Sho 34dB Noise Cancelling Shooting Ear Muffs #ProForSho

Disclosure:  I received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.

It's time for another confession.  I get asked to review a number of products on this site and many times I decline because the product line or item isn't the right for me.  However, there are cases where it might not be right for me personally, but someone in my family is excited about it.  In the case of these ear muffs my hubby was the one who wanted these the minute I mentioned the review possibility to him.  I didn't know that shooting ear muffs were high on his list, but I do know that although not a frequent hobby, shooting is something he enjoys doing.  What I didn't realize at first is there are so many more uses for these earmuffs.  They are called shooting ear muffs in the product title on Amazon, but on the box it's just Safety Ear Muffs.  That means these really are for anyone that could use hearing protection at some point.

In fact the first time these ear muffs got used in my household it wasn't even by my hubby.  My daughter decided these would be perfect for her to take along to fireworks during one of our local festivals.  Little Miss likes fireworks, but really doesn't like the loud noise and even gets scared at times.  We sat closer to the ignition site than ever before and she did great with these muffs. It was really nice that they fit someone so young and she had no problem keeping them on her head.  She also didn't complain about them being heavy or uncomfortable.

The Pro For Sho Maximum Hearing Protection Safety Ear Muffs have the highest hearing protection ratio of 34 DB.  They definitely reduce the noise level, but it's nice that you can still hear others and talk at a normal level without feeling like you have to shout.

My hubby always has projects going on and works quite a bit with power tools so this is where he will benefit from having the safety ear muffs the most.  He really likes the fit of the ear muffs. They fit well with his safety goggles and didn't feel awkward or uncomfortable.

The ear muffs fold up and are very compact so they are easy to carry with you to the range, in your tool bag, or wherever else you will need them.  They are also very lightweight.  I think you would have to wear them for a very long time before they would feel heavy or put a strain on your head.

Pro For Sho Safety Ear Muffs are available now on Amazon and ship free with Prime shipping.

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