Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Get Ready for Potty Training with the Kandoo Potty Time Pack #KandooPottyHacks

Disclosure: I received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.

I have another confession to make.  I'm super nervous to start potty training my baby boy.  You might think that since I've done it a couple of times before I should know what I'm doing, but my middle child is 7 now and I have no recollection of how we potty trained her.  My youngest is 2 now and although I'm not in a big hurry to potty train him it's still on my mind and know that we will be starting sooner than later.  Thankfully I have a ton of great resources at my fingertips including this new Potty Time Pack I recently received from Kandoo.  

For many people summer is a great time to potty train because you have less clothes to deal with getting on and off, you're outside more (which is better than inside when it comes to accidents) and are generally less busy so you can spend more time on the potty.  If you are one of those thinking of taking the plunge this summer Kandoo is ready to help.
They are selling their Potty Time Pack online for $20.  The Potty Time Pack includes Kandoo Wash Your Hands Moisturizing Hand Soap, Kandoo Wipes in a refillable tub, refill pack of 150 wipes, a travel pack of flushable wipes, three free song from kandookids.com/music, a super hero cape and more!   

One thing I do remember about potty training is how much I love having flush-able wipes on hand.  We will have them at every toilet at the ready for potty time.  The kids also love having their own hand soap.  The Magic Melon scent is so fun and nice smelling.  Both girls and boys will like using it.  

Of course the super hero cape is a big hit with the kiddos.  Even my little guy who doesn't really know super heroes wanted to wear that cape as soon as he saw it.

Kandoo has other potty training resources for you when you're ready to start potty training. Be sure to sign up for their Potty Training Hacks Newsletter for a step by step plan of action, supplies to buy, how to keep it fun and how to handle set-backs.

Are you planning to potty-train this summer or currently potty-training?  I wish you luck on your potty training adventure! 

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