Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Tea Party with Cadbury Ice Cream Bars #CadburyHighTea

My daughter and I hosted our very first tea party last week courtesy of Mom Select and Blue Bunny ice cream.  We received a 'High Tea' host kit that included tea sets, hats and yummy Cadbury ice cream bars to share.  We started by setting the table for tea and putting out some things for our guests to nibble on.

I kept it simple by serving some cookies and fresh fruit.  When our guests arrived we visited, the girls played and then worked on coloring and designing their own placemats for tea.

When the girls were satisfied with their artwork and they had their first sips of tea (or apple juice at this party) we moved on to a musical game of "Pass the Hat".  The game is a simpler version of musical chairs where the party guests sat in a circle and one guest starts with the hat on their head.  As the music starts the hat gets passed until the music stops. Whoever is wearing the hat when the music turns off is out for that round until a winner is declared.  We played multiple rounds of the game with the same winner each time!   Another fun game we played was a teabag toss where we took turns tossing bags of tea into a larger teapot on the table.

When the games were done it was time for the main event ~ Cadbury Ice Cream Bars.  We had four different flavors to try:

Cadbury Royal Dark - Creamy Blue Bunny reduced fat vanilla ice cream dipped in thick, rich Cadbury royal dark chocolaty coating. 

Cadbury English Toffee- Creamy Blue Bunny reduced fat toffee ice cream dipped in thick, rich Cadbury chocolaty coating with toffee pieces 

Cadbury Caramello -  Creamy Blue Bunny reduced fat vanilla ice cream swirled  with caramel sauce all dipped in thick, rich Cadbury milk chocolaty coating. 

Cadbury Vanilla Chocolate - Creamy Blue Bunny reduced fat vanilla ice cream dipped in thick, rich Cadbury milk chocolaty coating.  

The Royal Dark and Caramello flavors were the popular choices at the party with most girls choosing those.  I was the odd one out trying the English Toffee ice cream bar which I loved.  The ice cream was cold and smooth with a delicious crunch of chocolate and toffee on top.  Since the party I've also tried both the Caramello and the classic Vanilla Chocolate and I can honestly say they are all delicious.  I can never have too much chocolate, but this blend of vanilla and chocolate is truly perfect and the bars are a perfect snack size to share with the kids.

After our treats it was time for our guests to go home, but before they left we took this lovely group photo.  The girls loved their new fascinators that they got to take home with them!  Overall I think our first time hosting tea was a success and I have a feeling there will be many more tea parties in my daughter's future!  

Disclosure:  I received the party kit as part of a promotional program with Cadbuty and MomSelect.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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