Monday, August 8, 2011

Zaycon Foods Chicken Review

Product:  Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 

Product Description:  Zaycon Foods is based in Washington state and organizes local sales events to bring fresh meat and other products directly to consumers at wholesale prices.  They are able to offer great prices because they sale their items in bulk.  Zaycon provides fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts.  Chicken comes directly from the farm to their sales event and has never been frozen. 

My Review:  If you have ever checked out my weekly menu plans you will know that my family eats a lot of chicken.  Typically one or two meals that we make a week are chicken based.  We have a lot of great recipes for chicken plus it's something we can cook for the meal and set some aside for my picky eater son that he will be perfectly happy eating. 

J.C. at Zaycon Foods arranged for a delivery of a case of their boneless, skinless chicken breasts for review.  A case means we received 40 lbs. of chicken!  Thankfully we have plenty of freezer space!  When you receive a case of chicken there is definitely some work involved.  The case itself is obviously heavy.  Then inside the case there is about four 10 lb. bags of chicken.  I recruited my husband (who really did most of the work) and we had an assembly line - he would trim a little fat off the chicken and cut the breasts then I would individually package the chicken in about 1 lb. packages.  So yes, it is a bit of work and a little time consuming, but what a blessing it is to know that we have plenty of chicken in the freezer ready to go for when we need it.

The chicken tastes great too.  The first time we tried it we had Chicken Parmesan.  We've grilled it as well.  Last night we used the meat for chicken fajitas.  Big chunks of chicken were cooked for the fajitas and weren't chewy at all.  The chicken was so tender and delicious!

If you have the space and are willing to take the time and effort to package up your meat then a Zaycon Foods Event will be a great option for you.  The best part is that they are bringing you the meat at wholesale prices.  We like to stock up on boneless skinless chicken breasts when we can get it between $1.59-$1.99 per lb.  The cost of chicken from Zaycon Foods is usually about $1.50 lb!

How to Buy:  Visit Zaycon Foods to view their event locations.  Be sure to register to be notified of when a Zaycon Foods sales event will be coming to your area.  Zaycon will be holding their first Des Moines area event sometime this fall.  I'll be sure to let you know when it takes place!


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