Sunday, April 30, 2017

Menu Plan ~ Week of April 30th

We had another full weekend.  We held a garage sale that managed to be a success even in the rain and cold.  Then my daughter celebrated her First Communion today so we had family and friends join us for dinner.  We're exhausted, but having a plan for the week is always for the best. Here's what we're planning for dinners this week at our house:

  • Sunday ~ Beef Roast, Carrots and Potatoes
  • Monday ~ BBQ Beef Sandwiches and Baked Beans
  • Tuesday ~ Jimmy John's $1 Sub Day 
  • Wednesday ~ Chicken and Pasta with Green Olives
  • Thursday ~ Grilled Pork Chops and Corn
  • Friday ~ Curly Noodle Skillet
  • Saturday ~ Breakfast for Dinner
What's on the menu at your house for the week? Head over to Menu Plan Monday to see what others have planned.

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