Saturday, May 14, 2016

Free Game App Download ~ Wreck-It Ralph

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You can download the Disney Wreck-It Ralph game app for Android for free right now on Amazon.  The app is normally $1.99.

Plunge into an atmosphere of golden age of video games and try your hand in five various games based on Ralph, the Disney animation film! Meet Ralph, the hero of eight-bit consoles and a new Disney film for children and adults. Get to Game Central Station and start playing!
- Fix-it Felix : Ralph wrecked it, now you get a chance to fix it! 
- Sweet Climber: It’s Ralph’s time to shine in an endless climbing game!
- Hero's Duty: Climb, dodge and magic hammer your way to a high score!
- Turbo Time: Enter the race for gold, and drive at turbo speed!
- Flight Command: Fly to extreme distances in this exciting flight sim!

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