Sunday, December 18, 2016

Menu Plan ~ Week of December 18th

Here's what we're planning for dinners this week at our house:

  • Sunday ~ Pesto Ravioli and Garlic Bread
  • Monday ~ Homemade Pizza for Hubby's Birthday Dinner
  • Tuesday ~ Teriyaki Pork Roast
  • Wednesday ~ Crazy Noodles with Chicken (carry over from last week)
  • Thursday ~ BBQ Pork Sandwiches and Sweet Potato Fries
  • Friday ~ Loaded Nachos
  • Saturday ~ Christmas Eve Snacking

What's on the menu at your house for the week? Head over to Menu Plan Monday to see what others have planned.


  1. I love to see you menus. It helps me fill in the blanks in my menu. Thanks for the help.

  2. your menu plans sound great, I should start doing this, I generally make the same 3 meals over and over again.