Friday, October 28, 2016

Enter to Win a $100 Visa Gift Card from Hyland's #HylandsHalloweenCostumeContest

Disclosure:  This post contains sponsored content.

This week has been full of Halloween fun at our house.  My youngest has had several opportunities to get dressed up at local libraries and we've been trick-or-treating around a local store.  That was just a warm up for this weekend though when we have healthy trick-or-treating at our local YMCA and trick-or treating around the neighborhood on Sunday night.  In my town the kids go out trick-or-treating the night before Halloween.  We call it Beggar's Night.

The kids are excited to go out because they love candy of course and this is the one time of the year they get so much at one time.  It can get a little crazy when they return home as they want to eat a lot right then and there.  I usually let them indulge and enjoy their favorites.  All the candy gets dumped out from their bags, sorted and then put into some plastic buckets.  After that night the plastic buckets get placed on the top shelf of the pantry, so the kids aren't just able to grab at it constantly.  They have to ask for it and they have to have it after having dinner or a healthy snack.  After a few days though they tend to forget about it or have already ate their favorites and don't care too much about the rest.  Most of the bucket ends up getting tossed.

While you are out enjoying Halloween this weekend be sure to take lots of pictures!  They could be your chance at winning at $100 Visa gift card from Hyland's.  Be sure to tag them when you share on Twitter and Instagram with #HylandsHalloweenCostumeContest.

Here is a couple pictures of my littlest guy this week:

Visit Hyland's on Facebook for all of the contest details and for the contest entry form to upload your photos.  Three lucky winners will receive a collection of Hyland's products and a $100 Visa Gift Card! Be sure to enter by November 2nd when the contest ends.  Have fun and good luck!!


  1. Thank you for letting us know about this. We can always use $100 at Christmas time.

  2. Great opportunity and thanks for the reminder. It's nice to have lots of pictures just for you to look back on and cherish.

  3. Your little guy is too cute, I hope he has a great halloween!

  4. Oh my goodness, how adorable! :)

  5. The kids look so cute dressed up and great products to try too love to win this one!

  6. I would take some photos and enter this fine giveaway! This is such a great contest.