Friday, September 9, 2016

Free Game App Download ~ Mystery of the Opera

Right now you can download the Mystery of the Opera game app for Android for free on Amazon.  The app is normally $4.99.

Prove that true love can overcome any obstacle in this mesmerizing adventure! 
Opera diva Christine has been kidnapped by a stranger in a dark cloak on the eve of her successful debut! Her desperate but nonetheless determined fiancé must leave no stone unturned to rescue her. An old props man at the theater has told him about the black magic involved and given him a powerful amulet to help him locate Christine. Remove spells using the amulet and interrogate a dethroned diva, a cunning impresario and a photographer who witnessed the mysterious disappearance. Search the abandoned dungeon beneath the theater and help doomed ghosts find eternal rest so that this loving couple can be reunited!

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