Monday, September 19, 2016

Free Game App Download ~ Game of Tones

Right now you can download the Super Gerry - Game of Tones game app for Android for free on Amazon.  The app is normally $2.24.

When free libertine Gerry B. purchased a mysterious parcel by auction in a TV Show, his whole live changed forever. The package contained the long time lost 18th century magical violin from magic wizard Amadeus. Holy catfish! Trying to use the magical Force of the violin demands a lot of exercise, but Gerry can hardly play the chromatic scale. The magic violin was not amused and opened a portal to pull Gerry into the magic world of music and tones. Now it's Gerry's task to find a way through this world and collect as much notes and tones as possible. With every fulfilled Level Gerry's musically skills will rise so he can hopefully find the portal which brings him back to the real world. Heads up! In the magic world is nothing as it seems. Also Amadeus used the violin for a long time to get rid off his worst foeman. But here in wonderland they are still all alive and are hungry like the wolfs. They are on the hunt down. They are after Gerry now. You must help Gerry to find the exit portal. Don't lose the violin or you will not be able to return. Collect all the note bubbles. Don't fall into the rift. Avoid the all music instruments which are awaken to life. ... and always remember, the sense of live is to become a legend! 

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