Saturday, July 2, 2016

Free Game App Download ~ Smashy Traffic

You can download the Smashy Traffic game app for Android for free right now on Amazon.  

There's a fast moving block of traffic. Smash cars out of the way to get the golden taxis to the front of the queue! In this match-3 style game, crash groups of 3 or more cars of the same color to get your golden taxis. Loads of special blocks and powerups including: Jeeps and Tanks, which block the way. Mixer Lorries, which scramble the traffic. Ambulances and Police cars which give you time or take it away. Icecream Vans which freeze columns of traffic! Bulldozers which destroy rows or columns. Sunbeams, to unfreeze ice-cream. Godzilla! Missiles to destroy cars of the same color. Flying saucers (of course)

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