Thursday, June 23, 2016

How to Earn $35 with Swagbucks SWAGO Promotion

Long time readers will know I'm a big fan of Swagbucks and have been using it for years to earn "fun money".  It's my favorite way to earn gift cards to save for holiday shopping. The downside of Swagbucks is that the site gives you so many different ways to earn that it can be complicated and hard to keep track of all it's earning features.  

Well, Swagbucks runs this promotion once a month called SWAGO. It's like BINGO, except each square takes you to a different part of their site where you can earn points, called SB, doing something easy online. You get paid for filling out your board - the more spaces you fill out, the bigger your bonus! This month, the bonus for filling out your whole board is 300 SB, which you can redeem for a $3 gift card right away. But, that's just the start of your earnings with SWAGO. Because the game takes you to every nook and cranny of their site, you end up earning a ton of points along the way and learning if Swagbucks is right for you.  

How much? Well it varies a bit, but here is a scenario with every square completed and how you could end up with 3,492 SB, just 9 SB shy of $35 worth of PayPal Cash or any Gift Card you could imagine. The full breakdown is below but the shorter version is you could make $35 online today clicking around the web in your pajamas.  

Here's how to rack up the SB on SWAGO: 

- Completed Survey Profile: 4 SB 
- Set Swag Name: 4 SB 
- Completed a Gold Survey on Desktop: 100 SB 
- Signed up for a $3 trial of Dollar Shave Club on the Swagbucks App: 1,000 SB 
- Signed up for a $10 trial of BirchBox (to gift to a friend): 1,500 SB 
- Watched Jimmy Fallon Clips on my SwagButton: 3 SB 
- Watched News Headlines on the Swagbucks TV App: 3 SB 
- Disqualified from a Gold Survey on the Swagbucks App: 1 SB 
- Referred my Mom and convinced her to try a $50 Groupon, earning her 350 SB. Because of the Three For All referral program, she earned 650 SB total, and I get 335 SB for Referring her: 335 SB 
- Purchased a $25 Dominos Pizza Gift Card on MyGiftCardsPlus for Friday's pizza night: 135 SB 
- Searched "Best Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Recipe" on Swagbucks Search and earned SB: 9 SB 
- Watched a few cooking show clips on Swagbucks Watch on my desktop: 4 SB 
- Completed a Gold Survey on my desktop: 75 SB 
- Redeemed a free Swag Code on the SwagButton: 4 SB
- Read a short entertainment news article on nCrave: 2 SB
- Redeemed a free Swag Code on my Swagbucks App: 3 SB 
- Completed the Additional Survey Profiler: 5 SB 
- Attempted Survey that was at Max Capacity: 1 SB 
Subtotal: 3,192 SB 
- Redeemed my SB for a $25 PayPal Gift Card to complete my last SWAGO square... 

Get a 300 SB Bonus for Completing SWAGO! Total Earned 3,492 SB 

Tonight I'm watching some cute animal videos so I can redeem another $15 in Gift Cards to add to my "fun money"!

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