Saturday, June 18, 2016

Free Game App Download ~ Basketball Shooter!

You can download the Basketball Shooter! game app for Android for free right now on Amazon.  It is normally $0.99.

How is your shot from the top of the arc? How quickly can you sink a bunch of 3 pointers with the shot clock winding down? Basketball Shooter! is the latest addictive flick game for your device. Put your skills to test with this 3 point basketball shooter game. Basketball Shooter! features 3 different player modes, integration with leaderboards, achievements through Game Circle so you can compete against your friends! See which one of you guys is the best 3 point shooter amongst yourselves! Find yourself playing this addictive flick game for hours! The controls are easy to learn but difficult to master. It may sound easy, click the ball and flick it towards the basket, however you will find yourself becoming much better with practice and continual gameplay. There are 5 positions from the basket which you will shoot from. From each position you will get 5 attempts to sink the shot. Remember, you are on a timer, so don't hesitate to take that shot when ready! 

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