Saturday, March 16, 2013

What I Earned in 2013 ~ Week 11

I have found that a great way to earn some extra money is by doing simple things like clicking on emailstaking surveys and earning Swag Bucks and Hulk Coins. Every week I earn a little from different sources, but over the course of a year it really adds up. I was able to get most of our big Christmas gifts for this past year using these earnings! When you get an extra $5 or $10 here and there it also helps pay for some of the fun stuff. I like to earn "fun money", so that we are able to take weekend road trips, buy concert tickets and go out to lunch with friends when invited.  

I'm tracking my earnings again this year. I like seeing what I've made and hopefully it will show you some different ways that you can be earning a little extra too. It all adds up!

This week I received:
$5.00 Amazon gift code from Gift Hulk ($55 so far this year)
$5.72 PayPal cash back from Endorse
$5.00 Amazon gift code from Swag Bucks ($30 so far this year)

Total for the year: $ 334.03

Did you earn any extra "fun money" this week? How did you do it?

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