Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eversave Deals for Thursday 1/10 ~ MP3 Player for $5

If you're new to Eversave you can sign up today through this link and receive a $5 new member credit. Be sure to "share the save" after your purchase to receive another $2 in save rewards to use toward a future purchase.
Today's Save: - mp3

$5 for an Apple-inspired MP3 player
Bonus Save: Canvas Lifestyle

$30 for $85 worth of photo canvases from + free shipping!
Bonus Save: iChameleons - NFL Earbuds

Score! $10 for a pair of NFL earbuds from iChameleons
Bonus Save: Doorstep Genius - iPhone Case

$10 for a durable, OtterBox-inspired iPhone case + free shipping!
Bonus Save: WidgetLove - Hair Chalk

$19 for a 24-pack of colorful hair chalk + free shipping!
Bonus Save: EssentialDermCare

$15 for $30 worth of Dermalogica, Vivite, Obagi, SkinMedica and more from EssentialDermCare
Bonus Save: WidgetLove - Lanterns

$14 for 10 light-and-release Chinese fire lanterns
Bonus Save: Body Essentials

$30 for a deep cleansing facial brush and massager, plus cleansing gel
Bonus Save: Super Gadgets - iPad case

$18 for an iPad 2/3 or iPad Mini rotating case with screen protector and stylus
Bonus Save: Raspberry Keyones

New Year, New You: $22 for a three-month supply of fat-burning Raspberry Ketones Max + free shipping!
Bonus Save: GSMC Ventures - Green Coffee Bean Max

$29 for a three-month supply of Green Coffee Bean Max supplements just in time for the New Year.
Bonus Save: Relish!

$17 for six months of meal-planning from Relish! – Gluten free option available!
Bonus Save: Deal-Commerce - Touch Gloves

$9 for a pair of iPhone/Android Super touch-screen gloves
Bonus Save: All 4 Cellular - Lightning Cable

$17 for an iPhone 5 Lightning connector cable with wall and car adapters + free shipping!
Bonus Save: Rock Solid Wholesale - Fitness System

From $249: A portable or in-home vibration fitness system from Rock Solid Wholesale
Bonus Save: Crowne Plaza Fort Myers

$158 for a two-night stay at the Crowne Plaza Fort Myers at Bell Tower Shops
Bonus Save: Usa Dawgs - Bracelet

$25 for two Zedora beaded charm bracelets in 14 colors + free shipping!
Bonus Save: Deal-Commerce - Insoles

$8 for two pairs of cushy memory foam insoles
Bonus Save: zshoppers armband

New Year's Fitness Accessory: $5 for an iPhone/iPod armband carrier
Bonus Save: Hawks Cay Resor

$150 for a one-night stay at Hawks Cay Resort on picturesque Duck Key, Fla.

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